Words Of the Week

WOW!, I didn't know these words were good in Scrabble!

Puzzle submitted by

Charlie Bond, Nashville, TN

Only one OWL3 word that:

a) Is a seven-letter word.

b) Only one of the letters is a vowel

c) Includes no Ys and no Ss.

What is the word?













Sayid en Scrabble

by Emboly Broider (Emily Brodeur)

All words used good in Scrabble.

A fun way to learn in context.

Summa Foodery

Pawl and Nancy Talbot ar thrawing a firth of Joule lye barbeque, endive evited aubade a billon gests. Nance asphyxia batata sallett, a jelutong dissert, handmaid gelatos, ricer ronin, lumpia and pyrohies. Pawls forte is grillwork. Hes baht homburgs, wienies, chicane, boeuf and saimin enlarge quantize from Foodland. Sev rill dizen bagass of  bunds czar stacte upalong the kuchen wawl.

Lichening huswife, Nancy whorings that her housey snot netty nuff. Sheikh kain be aril nagware Pawls col  lection of hatboxes, cakeboxes and horseboxes is conn sorned. She threated to thraw summae deme on the grille! His teaboxes and smokeboxes swound dup in the dustbin of herstory las yare.

Wha dif it reins the dieoff the pardi? Pawl sez hell puton his rainsuit and outcook Kernel Zanders. Or ells olla the foo dal haftorot.

Regrates sonly to Nancier Pawl.

See all of Emily's clever compositions here.

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