An Introductory Course on Competitive Scrabble
adapted by Jacob Cohen 
from the book, Everything Scrabble
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many lists include uncommon words only to minimize list length

Note- all lists are compiled from TWL2; they will be revised when TWL3 becomes official

5 Vowel Bingoes
5s Rough Definitions
A Front Hooks
A Person Who...- bingos of people (or things) that do something
Capital Offense- bingo-length words, normally capitalized, which are good in Scrabble
CAUTION! Unusual Parts of Speech Bingos
Compound Interest- alphagrams are tricky if you look for only one word in these compound bingoes
Consonant Dumps
Contranyms- words that, depending on context, can have opposite or contradictory meanings
-DOM Words
Double Letter Score- bingoes with unusual double letters ununsual positions
Fallen Women
Foreign Intelligence- “Get Smart” about bingoes imported from foreign languages
Frankenword- bingoes that are new words made from parts of 2+ words
-HOOD Words
-I or -II Words
-IER Words
-ISE and/or -IZE Words
-ITE Words
JQXZ Short Words
Look <--Both--> Ways- bingo-length words in which one part works in both the front & back
-MAN and/or -MEN words
New OWL3 2s
New OWL3 3s
New OWL3 4s
New OWL3 5s
New OWL3 6s
New OWL3 7s
New OWL3 8s
New OWL3 9s
New OWL3 10s
New OWL3 11s
New OWL3 12s
New OWL3 13s
New OWL3 14s
New OWL3 15s
2014 Cheat Sheet (new words in red) by Mike Baron
New OWL3 Cheat Sheet by Marc Levesque page 1 of 4
New OWL3 Cheat Sheet by Marc Levesque page 2 of 4
New OWL3 Cheat Sheet by Marc Levesque page 3 of 4
New OWL3 Cheat Sheet by Marc Levesque page 4 of 4
Nouns Ending With -INGS
Nouns That Surprisingly Take S or ES
O Front Hooks
-OGUE Words
Out Words
People's Names
Phoneys- These words are NOT good. Maybe one day they will be, but for now they are phoney.
Place Names
Polyorths (words with alternate spellings)
Prefixes and Suffixes
P-REST-O BINGO!: Add a front hook to these words and P-REST-O BINGO!, there’s a bingo with a different pronunciation and/or meaning!
P-REST-O BINGO!: Add a back hook to these words and P-REST-O BINGO!, there’s a bingo with a different pronunciation and/or meaning!
Q not followed by U words
RE- Words
Rock Solid- dig up rock solid plays with high probability letters, I T E, to make bingo-length minerals
-SHIP Words
Snapbacks (3-letter extensions to TWS)
Spelling B -I-N-G-O-E-S- bingos with alternate spellings
SSSSSSSticky bingos: these words cannot drop the final S, D, R or E to make a singular
Super S Bingos- bingoes with unusual “S” back hooks
Surprise! Bingoes- common words that make surprising bingoes from an uncommon part of speech
To BE or not to BE- archaic-sounding bingoes, many surprising, that begin with BE
TOP- Words
-TOR Words
Tough Rack Singletons- challenging alphagrams from top 1000 unique singletons by probability
U Back Hooks
U Front Hooks
UN- Words
Unusual Beginnings and Endings
Vowel Dumps
Yiddish and Hebrew WordsStudy_Aids_files/5%20Vowel%20Bingoes.pdfStudy_Aids_files/5s%20Rough%20Definitions.pdfStudy_Aids_files/A%20Front%20Hooks.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Person%20A%20thru%20Z.pdf,or%20-IZE%20Words.pdfStudy_Aids_files/-ITE%20Words.pdfStudy_Aids_files/ISH-FISH%20Words.pdfStudy_Aids_files/-ITE%20Words_1.pdfStudy_Aids_files/JQXZ%20Short%20Words.pdf,%20or%20-MEN%20words.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%202s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%203s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%204s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%205s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%206s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%207s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%208s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%209s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%2010s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%2011s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%2012s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%2013s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%2014s.pdfStudy_Aids_files/New%20OWL3%2015s.pdf,%20but%20for%20now%20they%20are%20phoney.%20Careful%21.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Place%20Names.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Polyorths%20%28words%20with%20alternate%20spellings%29.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Prefixes%20and%20Suffixes.pdf!%20Back%20Hooks%20A%20thru%20Z.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Q%20not%20followed%20by%20U%20words.pdfStudy_Aids_files/RE-%20Words.pdf
2014 Cheat Sheet (new words in red)- 2s, 3s, short JQXZ words, vowel dumps, common bingoes
Aceil in addelnnorW: A Bkoo (Alice in Wonderful in alphagram [and normal translation] form)
Alphagram maker- enter any text and it spits it out in alphagram format (including punctuation)
Anagrammar- by three-time National Champ Joe Edley
Asheville Scrabble Club on Facebook
Bob’s Bible: Words, Anagrams and Hooks & other books by Bob Gillis 
Browraisers: A User Friendly Guide to Building A Winning  Word Game Vocabulary
Canonical List of TWL2 Anamonics collected by John Chew
Cross-Tables Leave Evaluator
Cross-Tables Strategy Forum
Cryptic Crosswords: anagramming practice
Dweebovision Scrabble Game Strategy
Elise Crossword Game Software 
Everything Scrabble, 3rd ed. by Joe Edley and John Williams
How To Play Scrabble like a Champion- by Joel Wapnik
Is That a Word?: From AA to ZZZ, The Weird and Wonderful Language of Scrabble
Jumble Daily Anagram Puzzle
Koala Coaching Clinic-  excellent strategy tutorial (uses Collins lexicon not TWL)
Lexifind Word Finder
Official Kids’ Guide to Scrabble by Bradley Robbins
One Look- 19,317,398 words in 1063 dictionaries indexed to define any word!
Pukka and Fremd: (Genuine & Strange) Weird Word Cartoons by Doug Pike
Quackle- free crossword game artificial intelligence and analysis tool 
Rebecca Slivka's Tips for Playing on Internet Scrabble Club (ISC)
Scrabble Flash- movable electronic cubes to study words up to 5 letters
Scrabble Guy
Scrabble Players’ Handbook ed. by S. Holden (uses Collins words in examples, yet, excellent strategy guide)
Scrabble Strategy: The Secrets of a Scrabble Junkie by Todd Kreisman
Scrabble Strategy Videos by Curran Eggerston
Scrabble Strategy Videos for Newbies by Kenji Matsumoto
Scrabble Tournament Success by Darrell Day
Scrabble Videos for “Aspiring Club Players”  by John Price
Scrabble Wordbook by Mike Baron
Scrabble World- blog, links, forum
Scrabulizer: Scrabble Solver and Analyzer
Seattle Scrabble Club’s Comprehensive Word Lists
Steve Pellinen’s- “The Journey from Novice to Expert”
WHAT- Wolfberg’s Helpful Anagramming Tool
Weird Little Words that Win Word Games (Word Buff’s Totally Unfair Word Game Guides) by Derek McKenzie
With or Without U- Is That a Word? video
Word Buff’s Scrabble Words FAQ
Word Freak, 10th Anniversary Edition, by Stefan Fatsis
Word Game Power Workout by Rita Norr and Audrey Tumbarello
WordGlue- Bingo Stem Builder and Anamonic Generator
Word Joust for Facebook
Wordnik- a community of word lovers
Wordsmith Anagramming Tool
WordSmith- computerized Scrabble opponent for Windows
Xwords-  free, open source implementation of Scrabble for handhelds. 
Zyzzyva: The Last Word in Word Study
All platforms- Unolingo
Android- AnyMemo Flash Card Study
Android- Scrabblet
Android- JudgeWord word judge
Android- Scrabble Assistant
Android- Scrabble Clock
Android- Scrabble Helper
Android- TWL Lookup
Android- Word App
Android- WordList pro
Blackberry- Scrabble Game
iPad & iPhone- Adnoto: Scrabble Scoresheet
iPad & iPhone- Anagramania Anagram Game
iPad & iPhone- CheckWord word judge and pattern maker
iPad & iPhone- Common Ground word game
iPad & iPhone- Cross-Tables Tournament Scrabble 
iPad & iPhone- GFlashPro Flashcard Study
iPad & iPhone- Karatasi flashcards learning system
iPad & iPhone- Karatasi flashcards tutorial by Kate Fukawa-Connelly
iPad & iPhone- Lettro
iPad & iPhone- Merriam-Webster Dictionary
iPad & iPhone- Scrabble
iPad & iPhone- Scrabulizer: Scrabble Solver & Analyzer
iPad & iPhone- TileCounter
iPad & iPhone- TouchRack- visual anagramming tool
iPad & iPhone- Word Timer
iPad & iPhone- Zarf word judge and pattern maker
iPad & iPhone- Zyzzyva- The Last Word in Word Study
iPad & iPhone- Zyzzyva Lite: word judge, pattern & anagramming
Kindle- Every Word
Kindle- Every Word Crossings
Kindle- Scrabble 
WindowsPhone- Scrabble Alphajaxhttp://www.unolingo.com

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Lending Library List
- Aaron Finkel
Scrabble Sprint
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Study Tips
Club players share how they study or don’t!Study_Aids_files/Study%20Tips.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Study%20Tips.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Study%20Tips.pdfshapeimage_12_link_0shapeimage_12_link_1shapeimage_12_link_2
Words Of the Week! Archive
“WOW!, I didn’t know these words were good in Scrabble!”
Everything from Fallen Women to Yiddish
Apps for Phones & Tablets
Books & Study Links
Word Lists
Asheville Scrabble SchoolDirectors.html
Move Tiles on Your RackStudy_Aids_files/Move%20Tiles%20on%20Your%20Rack.pdfshapeimage_20_link_0
Balance Your RackStudy_Aids_files/Balance%20Your%20Rack.pdfshapeimage_21_link_0
Defensive Strategy TipsStudy_Aids_files/Defensive%20Strategy%20Tips.pdfshapeimage_22_link_0
DWS-DWS on Game's 2nd PlayStudy_Aids_files/DWS-DWS%20on%20Game%27s%202nd%20Play.pdfshapeimage_23_link_0
Exchange Clunky TilesStudy_Aids_files/Exchange%20Clunky%20Tiles.pdfshapeimage_24_link_0
Find Your Best Play, then, an AlternativeStudy_Aids_files/Find%20Your%20Best%20Play,%20then,%20an%20Alternative.pdfshapeimage_25_link_0
Look for Common Beginnings & EndingsStudy_Aids_files/Look%20for%20Common%20Beginnings%20and%20Endings%20for%20Bingos.pdfshapeimage_26_link_0
Offensive Strategy TipsStudy_Aids_files/Offensive%20Strategy%20Tips.pdfshapeimage_27_link_0
Opening Play Vowel PlacementStudy_Aids_files/Opening%20Play%20Vowel%20Placement.pdfshapeimage_28_link_0
Phoneys and When to Play ThemStudy_Aids_files/Phoneys%20and%20When%20to%20Play%20Them.pdfshapeimage_29_link_0
Premium Square CombosStudy_Aids_files/Premium%20Square%20Combos.pdfshapeimage_30_link_0
Take Time to Find Your Best PlayStudy_Aids_files/Take%20Time%20to%20Find%20Your%20Best%20Play.pdfshapeimage_31_link_0
Tile Order of UsefulnessStudy_Aids_files/Tile%20Order%20of%20Usefulness.pdfshapeimage_32_link_0
Track Tiles AccuratelyStudy_Aids_files/Track%20Tiles%20Accurately.pdfshapeimage_33_link_0
Open and Closed Board ConsiderationsStudy_Aids_files/Open%20and%20Closed%20Board%20Considerations.pdfshapeimage_34_link_0
Sayid En Scrabble
by Emboly Broider (Emily Brodeur)
All words used are good in Scrabble.
A fun way to learn in context.

A Semple Dejeuner                  Nu Whorts
A Zoophyte                               Nutsier Rimes
Campong withe Famuli           Ohmage to the Profs

Charlies Thrip                          Seizins Greenies
Curtesy                                      Thanksgiving Tips

Dative Cervices                         The Hart Berake of Pyxidia 

El Ravin                                     The Vetiver Chrismon
Halloaing Tips                           Tidytips
Marabout the Newbies             Sayid En Scrabble- Complete

Note - some selections contain words (marked with an *) that are in OWL3 (start date TBA)                      Study_Aids_files/A%20Semple%20Dejeuner.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Nu%20Whorts.pdfStudy_Aids_files/A%20Zoophyte....pdfStudy_Aids_files/Nutsier%20Rimes.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Campong%20withe%20Famuli.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Ohmage%20to%20the%20Profs.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Charlies%20Thrip.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Seizins%20Greenies.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Curtesy.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Thanksgiving%20Tips.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Dative%20Cervices.pdfStudy_Aids_files/The%20Hart%20Berake%20of%20Pyxidia.pdfStudy_Aids_files/El%20Ravin.pdfStudy_Aids_files/The%20Vetiver%20Chrismon.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Halloaing%20Tips.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Tidytips.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Marabout%20the%20Newbies.pdfStudy_Aids_files/Sayid%20En%20Scrabble%20by%20Emboly%20Broider%20%28Emily%20Brodeur%29%20A%20Fun%20Way%20to%20Learn%20Scrabble%20Words%20in%20Context.pdfshapeimage_35_link_0shapeimage_35_link_1shapeimage_35_link_2shapeimage_35_link_3shapeimage_35_link_4shapeimage_35_link_5shapeimage_35_link_6shapeimage_35_link_7shapeimage_35_link_8shapeimage_35_link_9shapeimage_35_link_10shapeimage_35_link_11shapeimage_35_link_12shapeimage_35_link_13shapeimage_35_link_14shapeimage_35_link_15shapeimage_35_link_16shapeimage_35_link_17
  1.     Official start date for new Club and Tournament Word List (OWL3) to be announced.

  2.     These lists compiled by Jim Lamerand.

  3.     Updated with NASPA-approved errata (additions and deletions).

  4.     Provided here for reference subject to further correction.

  5.     NASPA info on OWL3 here.