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July 20, 2014  

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Newcomers' Night 
Every Wednesday, 5-9 PM
Atlanta Bread Company- South
484 Hendersonville Rd (just south of I-40)

Wednesday is casual night for newcomers and people who just enjoy playing Scrabble for fun. 

It's not whether you win or lose, it's learning new words along the way! 

Here's a link to the Cheat Sheet, featuring 2- and 3-letter words that can help your game.

Bring a Scrabble set and let’s  have fun.

Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport
by Bill Snoddy

Sunday's Results
Updated Stats
2014, Lifetime,
Year-by-Year Player Stats

Weekly Slide Shows
High-Probability Bingoes
created by Bill Snoddy

6-letter bingo stem- SAD-TIE

7-letter bingo stem- AGONIZE

Fun Ways to Expand
Your Bingo Horizons
surprising, unusual, 
tricky, may draw a challenge!
Bingo Heaven
compiled by Jacob Cohen

Compound words made from 2+ words 
These bingoes are interesting because their alphagrams can be tricky if you look only for a single word. Examples:

Compound Interest Letter "U"

Compound Interest Letter "V"

Compound Interest Letter "W"

Compound Interest Letter "X"

Compound Interest Letter "Y"

Compound Interest Letter "Z"

Compound Interest Letter "A thru Z"

Words Of the Week
"WOW!, I didn't know these 
words were good in Scrabble!"

5s- Rough Definitions by Tony Rasch

Each week we provide a link to a Scrabble app
(including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle)

Anagramania for iPhone & iPad

NASPA 2014 Rule Changes effective 9/2/14

Brief NASPA Club/Tourney Rules effective 9/2/14

"Weird AL" Yankovich - Word Crimes

Join 66 planning to play the
Asheville Dancing Bear Toys
Scrabble Tournament
Nov 8-9, 2014

Asheville is the first jewel in the
Southeastern Triple Crown. 
The other two events:
Lexington, KY, Nov 21-23

Knoxville, TN, Dec 13-14

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n., the act of failing 
Played by
Mark Schmidt for 95 points 
other words: