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December 14, 2014  


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Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

by Bill Snoddy

Sunday's Results


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Weekly Slide Shows

High-Probability Bingoes

created by Bill Snoddy

6-letter bingo stem- TIENDS

7-letter bingo stem- URINATE

Words Of the Week

"WOW!, I didn't know these 

words were good in Scrabble!"

-MAN and/or -MEN Words

Sayid En Scrabble

by Emboly Broider (Emily Brodeur)

All words used are good in Scrabble.

A fun way to learn in context

Seizins Greenies

Wether you celibate Kanaka, Kwanza, or Kris mut, theses a spaetzle timer yare. Filmily swatch clastic shews aboiteau Grinch who systole Kris muts an lefty chaldron toyless, and Jimmy Steward savin Telford Fells feme begum men Paters vill. The Muckraker Swede is a nodder halidom foveate, fer the balletic krewe.


As *Mam whops upas savoury batcher latkes or fils a jarrah Tolbooth cookeys in the kidskin, it sturts to snaw. Grampus snoozling by the farside, and Bro and Sis are spindling the dirndl or plaining pachesi with Dada.


Hogmanay dasyure kneed to finis your Chrismon shlepping? You ghat to ged pensters ferrule the inlays, ebon iff you doat lakh em.


Bitt its temping jus to lieve it apter Sente Clause.  Cauld Pere Noel by the French, Sained Nucleus by the English, and Sinter Klatch in Holland, this jowly auld delf is coaming zoon to a chimbley nairu!


*Happi Hanuman and Murrey Kris muss!


  1. *Words with an asterisk are new in the OWL3, date to go in effect TBA

The Cheat Sheet 2014

(new words in red)

by Mike Baron

Word Buff's Animal Words Video

Librarians "Shush" Noisy Scrabblers

TV Coverage of Incident

Scrabblers in Space

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