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September 28, 2014  


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by Bill Snoddy

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Sayid En Scrabble

by Emboly Broider (Emily Brodeur)

All words used are good in Scrabble.

A fun way to learn in context.

  Charlies Thrip

Charlie wonts to taka thrip to Nosh Vill. Of causeys surd of Dolly Parton, Porter Waggoner, Little Jemmy Dickens, Blogger Mandril, Gorgerin Jones, John Trine and Keet Urban--betise a noncash fan. Hes holpen to ketch a shew at the Gran Ole Apery, collet sum autografts. ainsell em fer a lota mony.


Wallies there, he maut asswage his hongi winsome Jimmy Dene sottish or Googol Klutzes--a chocolaty confit food fuller nertz. Challie leks museology, so the Fritts Musette is a musth. The bluegrass tavernas--especial the Stanchion Inn--are hie anis lits. Heil geta carboy het at the lathier stour eff it dizen cuesta lotte.


Fora foodie lac Charley, thir are mini chicest. Kaf fitch, spicey chicaner biff? Or periapts a Chining ristra ora nother ethmoid bistro. Tofutti? A frosh vegetal sallet? No periblem!


If heeze athirst fearsome usquebae, thae za lotah barres endives wair he kain wallah tellies cockeyed or keratose. And then a matinal bugeye wried in a hawse drownd carritch down Lour Baud to tophi toff.


Welkin to Muzjik Sidhe, Chally!

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Played by Ruchi Gupta  for 93 points
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