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April 20, 2014  

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No Club 4/20/14

New Play of the Week 4/27/14


Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

by Bill Snoddy

No Club today, Easter Sunday

Atlanta Bread Company

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No Club today, Easter Sunday

Atlanta Bread Company

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6-letter bingo stem- RAINED

7-letter bingo stem GENITAL


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Foreign Intelligence


“Get Smart” about bingo words imported from foreign languages. These alphagrams are tricky to anagram because the usual English letter/sound patterns may not apply.


BEEGINT  BEIGNET, French, a type of fritter or doughnut

AACDELR  CRAALED, Afrikaans, to pen in a type of enclosure

DEHIOOT  DHOOTIE, Hindi, a loincloth worn by Hindu men

Foreign Intelligence Letter "M"

Foreign Intelligence Letter "N"

Foreign Intelligence Letter "O"

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n., alexin: a substance in the blood that aids in the destruction of bacteria
Played by

Mark Schmidt for 114 points
other anagrams:
No Club 4/20/14
New Play of the Week 4/27/14