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September 14, 2014  

2 words
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GIANT Scrabble
Dancing Bear Toys
Sat, Sep 27 11-3

Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport
by Bill Snoddy

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6-letter bingo stem- DIALERS

7-letter bingo stem- TRAILED

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words were good in Scrabble!"

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Sayid En Scrabble
by Emboly Broider (Emily Brodeur)
All words used are good in Scrabble.
A fun way to learn in context.

 Marabout the Newbies
It semes that the deciders have gonoph the rez. Is YAFFLES eggshell li in Websters? And JUMBIES? Iff you haaf not yett larnt the bazillion newies, wrester shirred yar noddy lone. Rumour hessite that soman the Scrabble org arracks sinh to playdown; other graylings wont to goanna seabed ducal. The youngers, on tother hennaed, jeeze lappet awl app, al sett to gi vair mams and das a good vlogging. Triene echt liker good sportif a lytta lambkin clabbers eew.
Butt thir es obsoletely no raisonne to wecht your gaunches in terra. Woorali na sain bott. Eff ulus a ginormous nombril luv gambs, eeew mae gatcher changs to playdown soon enuf!

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Asheville Dancing Bear Toys
Scrabble Tournament
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Asheville is the first jewel in the
Southeastern Triple Crown. 
The other two events:
Lexington, KY, Nov 21-23

Knoxville, TN, Dec 13-14

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Played by Helen Wilson for 122 points 
other words: SCARRIER