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January 18, 2015  

newsletter delayed; Bill Snoddy and I played in Duke Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Benefit Tourney

Article on Tourney Organizer

David Klionsky


1 word

Answer at end of newsletter

Teach Scrabble to kids at Eliada

Email Casey Comart for details 

2014 Stats Year Awards

(eligibility- 20% of 2014 Club Sundays)

Club Lifetime Records as of 12/31/14

(eligibility- 50 lifetime club games)

2014 NASPA Club Win Milestones

New Checkout Procedure

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Brought to Club following Sunday

Due following month

Items Available for Checkout

Culled Items (still useful, though)

Free to Club Members

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First Come, First Served

Official Tournament & Club Word List, 2nd ed.

Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, 4th ed. paperback

Long List: Official 10-15 letter words

Scrabble Wordbook by Mike Baron

Bob's Bible: Words, Hooks & Anagrams by Bob Gillis

Scrabble Word Guide, copyright 1953

Culled items not claimed by Jan 25 donated to POP project

Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

by Bill Snoddy

Sunday's Results


2015, Lifetime, Year-by-Year

2014 Club ratings used until player gets 20 games in 2015

Weekly Slide Shows

High-Probability Bingoes

created by Bill Snoddy

6-letter bingo stem- ORIENT

7-letter bingo stem- ORACLES

Words Of the Week

"WOW!, I didn't know these 

words were good in Scrabble!

OUT Words

Online Etymology Dictionary

The Cheat Sheet 2014

(new words in red)

by Mike Baron

Date TBA when

new words used at clubs & tourneys

Upcoming Tourneys Nearby

Charlotte, NC, Feb 13-16

Roswell, GA Mar 1

Mark your 2015 calendars

10th Annual Asheville Autumn Leaves Tourney

Nov 7-8, 2015

“See autumn leaves before autumn leaves!”


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Played by Leslie Bradshaw

 for 100 points 
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