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August 24, 2014  

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Sun Sep 14

GIANT Scrabble
Dancing Bear Toys
Sat, Sep 27 11-3

Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport
by Bill Snoddy

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6-letter bingo stem- SAINED

7-letter bingo stem- ONE-TIRE

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"WOW!, I didn't know these 
words were good in Scrabble!"

Compound Interest
alphagrams are tricky if you look only for one word
in these compound word bingoes

Sayid En Scrabble
by Emboly Broider (Emily Brodeur)
All words used are good in Scrabble.
A fun way to learn in context.

Nutsier Rimes
Schul Scrapple is veery papillar. Nutsier rimes em poove the Ingles of the tykes and gied em valvula lections.
Roue, routh, rowth a batt
Yente dongas treen.
Virelai, virelais, virelay, virelays,
Lifeboat eserine.
Murra heddle litu lam
Woosh fleech waes whidahs snaw
Innerve err whereat Murrey wynd
De lamprey surah go.
Humpier Dumpier saddhu na wawl,
Humpy Dumpy haggada fowled.
And olla kain horstes annuli linksmen
Kinin putonghua to gibbet agin.
Lignan Yack Hornito
Sett inned de cornuto
Enneadic es kibbitz pied.
He perdie nizam
An pelletal praam
And zed, "Watter gumball amide!"

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Kenji Matsumoto 
Day 4 Nationals Analysis

Join 76 planning to play the
Asheville Dancing Bear Toys
Scrabble Tournament
Nov 8-9 
Tourney Promo Here
Asheville is the first jewel in the
Southeastern Triple Crown. 
The other two events:
Lexington, KY, Nov 21-23

Knoxville, TN, Dec 13-14

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