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August 31, 2014  

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Sunday, Sep 14
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GIANT Scrabble
Dancing Bear Toys
Sat, Sep 27 11-3

Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport
by Bill Snoddy

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High-Probability Bingoes
created by Bill Snoddy

6-letter bingo stem- DINERS

7-letter bingo stem- IS-ON-TEE

Words Of the Week
"WOW!, I didn't know these 
words were good in Scrabble!"

Consonant Dumps

Sayid En Scrabble
by Emboly Broider (Emily Brodeur)
All words used are good in Scrabble.
A fun way to learn in context.

Nu Whorts
In Decemvir nu whorts (NIQAAB, forex sample) weel be aloud in tourneys. Playas who bawk att studding meh fanum selvas owt clast by som kidlike Conelrad hoo larned em alright aweigh.Lud sones lakh "ARGH!," "AUGH!," and "FOO!" will prob a beal be hern, cuz the olde lits was baddie nuff! Minny seizen ed pliers will be felling dum, worrited a baht leucon like eejits. And the newwavers will be gunnen foram! Davit Gibson will hafter markup anew dictionary.
Po volks like moi will fricot and forgat to garda gainst words like "TIZ" and "SEZ." Ef you gacher new OWL and pak in a lotah studdie, mavie you wont be a compleat goofus. Gitch churr grandkids to googly "Nu Whort Lits" ani venturi one will commo longe. If the Joeys and Conelrads larn em firths, mor paua toom!

Stephen Colbert on the New Words

Join 76 planning to play the
Asheville Dancing Bear Toys
Scrabble Tournament
Nov 8-9 
Tourney Promo Here
Asheville is the first jewel in the
Southeastern Triple Crown. 
The other two events:
Lexington, KY, Nov 21-23

Knoxville, TN, Dec 13-14

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Played by Jacob Cohen for 90 points 
other words: none