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October 26, 2014  


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Congratulations to Elisa Diehl on her new granddaughter!

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 Partan IV of "El Ravin"

Finikin up: a shott virgin


Inly whey, mutches we owllike the grok writher, Pooh, ichs pumice tew longan kina boreen. A shuttler vergence whoopie bittern, emyde hopple opiumism. Moste amide audients prefigure a synapsis, anywise. He khedive tolus waw holpen in one sennits, or lissom one perianth.


The stourie gaums lek thesp: a burd keppen knacking and knacking and the maihem waes gittern taroc ef it. He holloaed, "Whosis nocking?" En the burdie flied in and clumber app on a statice of Palmyra and clave hes a remora! He echt agly and woodhen lief. The mayhem thunk the rai bene mike be the dibble, an blam it on that womera, Ligure.


It hove summate to do withy batt breadnut, or somite--wyches wye Pooh wizen alkaloid ani venturi in up dyne yum of sorosis, or sumach.


The burdies propolis geste a halutz enation. Er mabe the ravin overate sum crazyweed. That splines why he kain scutch up and keeshond seine the shamois thane ora and ovum. Thetas an oppidum theta lotah grat scutellar shariah--nachos me.


Holp yawl envois dis cyclopes and anilingus, andiron insphered by this strumatic taille.

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Dancing Bear Toys

Scrabble Tournament

Nov 8-9

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